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If you’re interested in how to perform keyword research, you most likely know there are several online tools available. I always recommend using the AdWords keyword planner since it can offer valuable insights about Google search results. Of course, this versatile tool has numerous other advantages that will convince you about its functionality. Read on to learn why you need to use the AdWords keyword planner for keyword research today!

AdWords Keyword Planner: What’s This?


The AdWords keyword planner is Google’s proprietary keyword research tool that aids marketers discover adequate keywords in the Google Ads platform. It lets you analyze a wide range of data, such as monthly search volume figures and keyword ideas. Even though you might think this tool is helpful exclusively for Google Ad campaigns, you should know it can become your ally for search engine optimization.

Keyword Research: Why You Need To Use AdWords Planner?


This tool was created to help you understand how keywords are used for the best search results and ranking. There are several advantages, all of which important for website optimization and user experience. A lot of business owners make the common mistake of creating website content without first doing keyword research. This is unfortunate as, without the proper keyword fundamentals, true search engine optimization (SEO) will not be successful. The key to generating organic traffic to your website is proper keyword research! For example, if you were building a home, you need a solid foundation. This is what keyword research is in the world of digital marketing. 

#1 You Can Analyze Your Competition’s Keywords


The AdWords keyword planner is an excellent choice if you want to keep an eye on your competitor’s keywords. And the best part about it is that Google can categorize these keywords in ad group ideas based on your website data. Why do you need to use the AdWords keyword planner for keyword research? So you can gain access to the fundamentals of your competitor’s keywords!

outrank your competition with google adwords tool

#2 You Can Discover Local Keywords Faster with the Adwords Keyword Planner

Do you remember that time during your keyword research when you hit a dead-end looking for local keywords? Well, the AdWords keyword planner saves you a lot of time and has the power to provide the most relevant keywords depending on your local audience. And this is a great aspect, especially if you’re performing local SEO.

#3 You Can Access Relevant Information To Use On Your Blog

When writing blogs for your website, you can use valuable information about untapped niches. And the AdWords keyword planner is the best approach to find such data. All you have to do is submit your product or service, along with your landing page. The result will reveal ad group ideas you can use to get inspiration for your next blog.

google paid campaigns why you need to use the google keywords planner

#4 You Can Set Up Your Promotional Campaign With Ease

Keyword research can aid you to make the best of your ads. PPC or pay per click advertising requires thorough assessment and evaluation of your keywords. Based on the results provided by the AdWords keyword planner, you can choose the bid amounts for your ad. But besides this, you’ll receive insights on how your PPC campaign is influenced by trending keywords and numerous other factors.

#5 You Can Look Up The Average Monthly Searches

Another advantage of using the Google keyword planner is the ability to analyze the estimated monthly searches for keywords. Knowing this frequency for your niche can help you overcome your competition’s promotional efforts. Besides, you can uncover the most competitive keywords, along with valuable information about user behaviour.


The Bottom Line

With AdWords keyword planner, you can discover relevant keywords for your website. It is an excellent keyword research tool that will take your optimization efforts to the next level! Are you looking for help with keyword research? Feel free to book a free consultation with a digital marketing professional.