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Become Your Own Business Manager for Facebook!

Learn how to GENERATE over $300 K in sales with this Facebook Business Manager Course! Generate WARM leads using Facebook for your business with this course!

Now is the perfect time to learn my proven methods of success for SALES conversion using Facebook Business Manager. 

Do you want to finally ditch cold-calling? Would you rather connect with your clients on social media!?

If the answer is YES then, this course is for YOU!

Generate a whole new STREAM of income for your business with this Facebook Business Manager Course.

If you want to increase sales and gain more exposure to your business, then Facebook Business Manager Course is for you!

Become empowered to manage your own Facebook Business Page.

When a social media strategy is done right, it can be empowering, joyful and exciting. Build a lucrative revenue stream with a powerful and strategic social media strategy.

Equally, it can be a drag, if you don’t know what you’re doing, and feel overwhelmed, scared and hesitant to move forward.

I don’t say this to put you off, sadly this is the reality of a lot of business owners. They are too scared or fearful about being their own Facebook business managers.

But, that’s why I’ve created the Facebook Business Manager Course. Through 8 sections, I help you determine what makes your business offerings unique and articulate that message clearly in a content calendar.

Furthermore, I teach you my tips and tricks for achieving over $300k in sales, using Facebook! 

Turn fear into empowerment by learning exactly what I did, and start to execute the same strategies yourself!

The good news is, online learning is accessible, affordable and convenient to your busy schedule.

People want to learn new skills to help them advance their businesses. Thankfully, you can learn from someone else who has already been down the road you wish to travel.

Your customers want to hear from YOU. You have a sweet spot, you are unique and why not let your unique message thrive in your social media campaign?!

Your customers are on Social Media, so why not connect and convert them into paying customers?! Are you still cold-calling? Ditch old sales strategies and connect with clients online!

What are you waiting for?

You deserve success and more sales with Facebook Business Manager.

Facebook Business Manager Course

This course is all about helping you to take action, so afterwards you’re ready to connect and convert your ideal clients on Facebook and Instagram.

Yes! This course is an investment in your revenue growth. By learning how to use Social Media as a tool, you’ll be better positioned to communicate more effectively to your prospect. The ROI on this course will be 10x if you take the time to do the workshops and get interactive with the free tools I identify in Section 6 of the Facebook Business Manager Course!

Learn how to save money with Facebook Advertising strategies like Lead Generation and Click to Messenger Ads. Get a steady flow of prospects to keep your sales thriving.

And I truly believe you can feel empowered to manage your own Social Media campaigns. If you’re a Sales Representative, Real Estate Agent, e-Commerce business or any small business, you need to take this course! Learn the tools to be confident about your social media campaigns. 

What’s in the Facebook Business Manager Course?


What will you gain from the Facebook Business Manager Course?

Facebook Business Manager CourseSection 1_ Social Media Platforms

Section 1: Social Media Platforms

Which social media platforms are most relevant for your business?

Before you go starting a Facebook advertising campaign, you first need to know the difference between each social media platform. Depending on what your objective is, you might want to consider using Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn, in addition to Facebook Business Manager. Learn more about the benefits of each platform in Section 1.

Facebook Business Manager Course

Section 2: Build Your Customer Avatar

Personalize your ideal prospect with a fun and interactive worksheet

Now, it’s time to personalize your customer avatar. I want you to really get to know who it is that you are trying to serve. Identify their pains, struggles, values, needs, and wants. Get specific about who you want to serve so that your content calendar is eventually clear, focused and specific. Personalizing your avatar is critical for having a social media profile that is geared to serving them.

Facebook Business Manager Course

Section 3: Determine Your Sweet Spot

What is your competitive advantage over your competition? What makes you stand out?

Before you go investing time into your content strategy, we need to identify your sweet spot. What is your sweet spot? It’s how you are different from your competition, and what makes you unique? We are looking for an intersection between your skills, knowledge and experience that people will actually pay you for.  Your sweet spot needs to shine throughout your social media content so I’ve prepared an interactive worksheet for you to identify your unique sweet spot.

Facebook Business Manager Course

Section 4: Optimize Your Profile

Create a buying environment on your Facebook Business Page

Learn how to effectively set up your Facebook Business Page. I walk you through key elements that are necessary for optimizing your profile. Your Facebook page is like your website, your personal online spokesperson. Be sure to put your best foot forward by optimizing your profile. 

Facebook Business Manager Course

Section 5: Develop a Content Calendar

Learn how to plan and schedule 1 month of content that is strategic and valuable to your ideal prospect.

Download a content calendar template to help plan your social media content one month in advance. I teach you how to save time by planning and publishing posts ahead of time. Be sure to plan for success by implementing a content calendar that speaks directly to the needs of your client, while highlighting your sweet spot. But, remember, we want to create value! I’ll teach you exactly how to create the perfect selling environment with storytelling, inspirational stories and more.

tools for success Facebook Business Manager Course

Section 6: Learn about Free Tools for Social Media Success

Learn exactly what FREE tools I use to execute my social media strategy

Now it’s time to get playful! In section 6, I provide free tools that I use on a daily basis to manage multiple social media accounts. I teach you how to create professional graphics without being a professional graphic designer. Long gone are the days of having to use photoshoot to get anything done! I also show you how to use the Facebook publishing tool so you can pre-plan your social media posts! Become empowered and excited to manage your own social media accounts with these free tools!

paid facebook ads Facebook Business Manager Course

Section 7: Facebook Paid Advertising

Learn how to set up your first Facebook Advertising Campaign to generate leads to receive messages from your prospects

This is it. The moment you’ve been working towards. Now, we can explore how to use Facebook Paid Advertising affordably and effectively. I’ll show you how to cap your budget, and different campaigns to pursue. For this part to be successful, you’ll need to have completed your customer avatar exercise. Everything about your ideal customer will be considered when we set up your Facebook advertising.

This is where you truly see results. Investing in your business using paid advertisements allows for more people to learn about your sweet spot. I’ll show you how to be strategic and reach the people you want to the most.

section 8 digital marketing Facebook Business Manager Course

Section 8: Learn about other strategies for digital marketing

Learn about Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay Per Click Google Campaigns (PPC) and E-mail Marketing. 

Once you start Facebook advertising campaigns, you might be wondering if there are other avenues to market your goods and/or services online. The answer is of course there are! Facebook is just a portion of the online marketing space. I’ll open your eyes to the world of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Google Pay Per Click Campaigns (PPC) and E-mail marketing. If you don’t currently have a website, you may want one after learning about other strategies for digital marketing success. 

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