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Citizen of the World Podcast

Citizen of the World is all about shining your light to live a life of purpose.

By being our authentic selves, we can heal ourselves and others around us.

Get ready to be inspired to take action outside your comfort zone with thought-provoking, spiritual discussions.

Discover practical tips and advice to help launch your own business, and make money being your authentic self.

Host, Kathleen Parisien talks about everything from life, travel, business, entrepreneurship, marketing, travel and more to give you all the motivation you need to live a life by design. 

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Hi there,

You’re in the right place. I’m glad you’re here. 

We all have a spiritual side and it’s what we’re looking for when starting our own business. You just need to find that fire in yourself, which can be done by following your intuition or tapping into this power inside of us called creativity!
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Season 2 – Citizen of the World Podcast

Citizen of the World is a podcast that takes you on an exploration through life’s most pressing questions.

What if you could live your life with purpose? 


Citizen of the World is all about shining bright light and being true to oneself so that one can heal themselves as well as others around them.

The show will inspire anyone looking for ways to improve their quality of life

YOU can get PAID to be you


Discover practical tips and advice to help launch your own business, and make money being your authentic self.

Learn practical tips on how best launch a business while also staying true in who are

What if you could be the most authentic, vulnerable version of yourself? What would that look like for your life and business endeavours?


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Shine Your Light

Make the world a better place by being your authentic self

You Can be a Spiritual Entrepreneur

I’ve got news for you – your authentic, spiritual self, has what it takes to run a business. In fact, if you’re listening to this, then it means your soul is craving creativity, imagination, innovation, joy, freedom and entrepreneurship. 


Being true to your intuition  


Here is your permission slip to start your own business & get paid to be YOU

Comfort Zone

Get comfortable stepping into the unknown


Raw, no bullshit conversations about life and entrepreneurship

Build your own business

Be creative, stimulated and live life on your own terms.

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Amreen Khan
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Cheryl Buch
Cheryl Buch
I certainly have no hesitation in recommending Kathleen. She has proven to be a valuable asset in growing our business.
Sarjun Gharib
Sarjun Gharib
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Bryan Schwartz
Bryan Schwartz
I had a few articles written by kathleen on quite a challenging topic and she crafted some great content with the correct tone and writing style. highly recommended.
Sondra G
Sondra G
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Jennifer Grant
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Cygnik Tech
Cygnik Tech
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Michelle Legault
Michelle Legault
Andy Labrum
Andy Labrum
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Daca DV
Daca DV
Kathleen is amazing to work with. Professional, always comes up with great ideas and creates a plan of moving forward. Always encourages and supports. I highly recommend her.

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