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Work With an SEO Consultant to Rank on The First Page of Google - Gauranteed! Do you want to appear on the first page of Google? Work with an SEO Consultant today!

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Why choose me as your SEO consultant?

• Save time by outsourcing your SEO campaign
• Enjoy endless leads for your sales pipeline
• Enhance the customer experience with higher rankings in search engines!

Take advantage of the power of digital transformation for business development. As an SEO consultant, I can help with website development, lead generation, Discover Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to rank your website on the first page of Google. 

With my several years of experience as an SEO consultant, I’ve ranked multiple businesses on the first page of Google by targeting specific keywords. Let’s build a search engine-friendly website with my SEO content marketing strategy to grow your business! Are you ready? Let’s chat. Book a free consultation today.

I can help ensure your ideal prospects can find your product and/or services in Google Search Rankings! 

SEO consultant kathleen parisien seo content marketing

Let your customers come to you with SEO

Is your website ranking NOT ranking on the first page of Google? Increase sales by appearing in search rankings for your niche keywords. Do you have a blog that publishes frequent SEO-friendly blog posts? 

Discover digital marketing and DITCH COLD CALLING forever.

Instead, let your clients come to you with the power of digital marketing!

SEO Plans For Small Businesses

Are you struggling to attract new customers? Your customers are online but can they find you? Discover affordable monthly SEO plans to attract the right customer. Take advantage of keyword research, SEO content writing, and off-page SEO to rank your business higher in organic search result rankings.

Book a Consultation Today Speak with an SEO Consultant to generate traffic for your website

Make Sure Your Website is Search Engine Friendly

Have you gotten a beautiful website, but it’s not search engine friendly? What’s the point of your website if it’s not on the first page of Google? Allow your website to show up in front of your ideal clients when they search for your specific offerings on Google. Long gone are the ways of cold calling and chasing your ideal clients. Instead, let your clients come to you with the power of digital marketing! 

SEO Web Design

Don’t yet have a website? Learn about SEO Web Design to create functional, search engine-friendly websites.

What to do when you have a hard time dealing with SEO? If you answer yes to this, it’s time to hire an SEO consultant!

Data Driven Decision Making Start Generating Leads ASAP

Search engine rankings are serious business, and asking an SEO consultant for help is vital for your brand!


And to tell you a secret, most internet users never search beyond the first page of Google! So, it’s time to invest in the best SEO practices to get your business brand awareness.


SEO is important for every business. And if you’re not convinced you need an SEO expert, here are some of the reasons why you should work side by side with a consultant!

It saves you time!

In business, time is more valuable than you think! Even though you can learn about SEO practices, you’ll waste a lot of time. Besides, you might fail to achieve the desired results! Luckily, delegating your SEO to a professional will save you a lot of time and stress.

It gets you better results!

SEO consultants have years of experience! This will ensure the job is done perfectly! As an SEO expert myself, I start this journey by listening to your brand’s story. I always focus on what you have to say so that I manage to send the right message to your audience. Afterward, I’ll start keyword research and audits.  


Benefits of Working With an SEO Consultant

An SEO consultant helps build powerful relationships!

As an SEO consultant, I believe it is important to create relationships. Digital marketing isn’t about generating the most revenue. It is all about the people behind the blue screen! Professional SEO practices will support the best user experience so that you create long-term relationships with your existing and potential buyers.


SEO consultants can get you organic traffic!


Many business owners concentrate on paid traffic and advertising. But did you know that investing in promotional campaigns can be less efficient without organic traffic? Well, with the help of an SEO consultant, you’ll make sure you get the deserved organic traffic. This will contribute to your search results rankings while guaranteeing better conversion rates.

Get a professional second opinion!

Well, I know you love your business and think you’ve done everything possible. But I can tell you from my experience as an SEO consultant that a professional second opinion can help you see things from another perspective! An SEO expert is the one who can provide suggestions from a marketing and branding point of view. This will ensure you’ll take adequate steps to improve your brand’s online visibility.


Are you ready to make your website search-engine-friendly?


So, if you’re ready to get your business to the next level, you should book a free consultation!


SEO is a powerful tool for growing your brand, and I am here to guide you through the process! If you’re not sure whether your website needs an SEO update, I can tell you everything you need to know!

Remember that SEO can impact all aspects of your brand! Both local and organic practices are meant to support your brand’s growth! I can optimize, improve and tune your website starting today!