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Every entrepreneur is looking for the most cost-effective, productive way to grow their business. The internet has provided entrepreneurs with a limitless way to advertise and market their products or services in an era where consumers are constantly online. One of the best ways you can invest your time and money into growing your business is by investing in SEO website design. Here are 7 benefits of SEO website design for entrepreneurs:

1) SEO web design helps improve rankings on Google search result pages

SEO is a valuable tool for search engine optimization. It can be used to improve rankings on Google’s result pages, which will draw more traffic and exposure from potential customers who are looking up your business online right now! If a website is developed without SEO in mind then it won’t be search engine friendly. What good is having a pretty website, if it doesn’t generate you any revenue?!

2) Improved visibility on Social Media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn

A professional SEO web design improves not only the look of your website but also its visibility on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Because search engines like Google see your website as relevant, as long as your business name is your username on social media, then social media platforms will also rank your profiles higher. For example, if a business is active on social media, but they don’t have a website, the business with the website will rank higher. That’s just the beauty of SEO. It’s a technical hack that helps businesses stand out from their competition, online. Remember, SEO doesn’t work in a silo, rather for SEO to be successful, social media accounts should also be active! Hint, Hint, Hint*

3) Increased conversion rates

This one is simple. With SEO, your website will automatically show up when people are actively searching for your product and or service. I don’t know about you, but when I’m searching for something in Google, chances are high that I have my credit card not far! Instead of wasting time selling to people who don’t want to buy, just show up when people are READY to BUY!

4) SEO website design generates more traffic

SEO website design is the ultimate way to generate more traffic on your site. Not only does it increase your ranking and make people want to click, but with great search engine optimization comes greater opportunities for visitors who would otherwise never stumble across one’s content or services! Work with an SEO professional to do advanced keyword research, and make a strategic plan on how to target those specific keywords! Book a free consultation now.

5) SEO web design increases sales $!$

The search engine optimization of your website may be the most valuable investment you ever make. Research has shown that SEO increases sales by up to 25%. A study done in 2014 looked at several hundred websites over ten months, finding an impressive correlation between high rankings and total revenue generated on each site (range: 12-15%). Not only does ranking higher improve visibility for potential customers who are researching products or services but also boosts their chances when it comes time purchase something online!

6) Higher local SEO rankings

Websites can be an excellent way to get your products and services in front of potential customers – but they need the right SEO. A well designed site will increase local seo rankings, which means more people see what you have on offer! This is especially important for local businesses. With SEO, you can rank your business in Google map rankings and have more customers! That’s the goal, isn’t it?!

7). When search engines find new content, they’ll update their index to include it

When search engines find new content, they’ll update their index to include it. This means that the more pages are added, the more pages indexed by Google. If Google, or Bing recognize your site as relevant, then you’ll rank higher!  One great way to ensure Google sees your website as relevant is to update your existing content often, and post regular blog posts. By doing so, more than your compeititon, search engines will rank your website higher than other businesses in your industry. Simply by blogging, with the right keywords, consistently, and properly, you can outrank your competition!