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Are you looking to increase your business visibility online? If so, local SEO may be a good solution for you. Local SEO involves optimizing your website and online presence for geography-based searches. This can help you rank higher on Google and attract more customers in your area. In this blog post, we’ll discuss some of the best local SEO solutions to help your business rank higher on Google. Read on to learn more!

Claim your business on Google My Business Listing

1st Local SEO Solution: Google Business Listing

Google My Business is a powerful tool for local businesses to easily connect with customers and update the world on your business. Creating a Google My Business listing will give you access to tools that can help grow customer loyalty. By optimizing your Google business listing you can add pictures, add information about your services, post what’s new in your business and much more. 

Creating a Google My Business Listing is FREE

Google My Business is a free service that lets you manage your business’s information and position it among the local search engine results. To take advantage, simply go to

Have you created a Google My Business Listing?

It’s really simple. You’ll have a chance to add your business name, pictures and physical address. Now, if your business is like mine, you don’t need to show your physical address on your Google business listing. However, you will need to have an address so that Google will send you a physical postcard with a Google certification code. This takes about two weeks to arrive, so it’s best to request it early. Even if you don’t have all your logos finalized, that’s okay since again it will take two weeks to verify your Google business listing. 




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Optimize Your Website For Local Searches

To make your website more visible in local search results, try to optimize it with keywords and phrases that are relevant to the geographical location where you plan on marketing. For instance, if you’re an appliance repair company in Ottawa, you want to create pages and content with the keyword “Appliance Repair Ottawa“.  

Not only does the content matter, but so does coding. Local schema tags should be added to every page of your website to help rank higher in local searches. Plus, each photo on your website should also have geotags embedded into the pictures to appear on Google maps.

Get involved with the community and create local content

It’s important to be active online as it is offline. This means physically attending local networking events, community engagements and other community events. By being active in the community, it’s an easy way to spread the word about your business, without having to pay for ads. But, Google AdWords can help you too!

Use Google AdWords to target local customers

Google AdWords is an advertising platform that helps search engine marketers (SEM) reach potential customers in their targeted area. It can be used to create targeted ads for local searches or even targeted areas! The best part about using this tool? You don’t have to take much action. For example, just enter the city and Google will show you how many people are searching near you. From doing keyword research you can identify which keywords those individuals might use when looking up something online. 

Monitor your online reputation and respond to Google reviews promptly

Unfortunately I see so many businesses not actively using their Google business listing. Firstly, a lot of business owners are too shy to even ask for reviews. And, then if they do get reviews, they hardly answer them! Answering your customer reviews is not only good for relationship building, but if you answer the reviews strategically, then you can rank higher! For example, if you have a plumbing company in Ottawa, it’s best to answer your reviews with the keyword “Ottawa Plumbing Services”. So, you’d write something like:

Hi, client name,
Thank you for leaving a 5 star review of our Ottawa Plumbing Services. We really appreciate your recommendation of our toilet installation services. Thanks to customers like you, we’re able to provide more plumbing services in Ottawa. 

Make it easy for customers to find you!

Include your address, phone number, and hours of operation on your website

Your customers are looking for you, so make it easy to find! Include your address, email address and phone number on the website. The best way is by including this information in an obvious location like above all other text or at least somewhere closeby. People shouldn’t have to search hard for how to contact you. Be sure to add your contact information somewhere where they’ll be able see them while browsing around your website. Plus, you want to add your contact information to your Google Business Listing. For Local SEO purposes, it’s also important to list your business on all social media platforms and online directories. Each registry or social media platform must have all the same consistent name and contact information to be effective. 

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