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Local SEO is a must in 2022. And if you’re wondering why the answer is simpler than you think. As a small business owner, you want to show up in local Google and Google map searches! Investing in local SEO services early on will provide your business with sustainable growth for years to come. Especially if your business is a local service business, then investing in local SEO can bring leads to your business. Let’s discover in-depth why local SEO services should be a part of your digital marketing strategy.

Local SEO – Google Business Page Optimization & Management

First of all: what is local SEO?


Local search engine optimization represents an essential aspect of SEO optimization aimed at boosting a local business’s visibility in local search results. Local SEO strategies boost visibility in local search results. But the secret to it is in the way you do it. Only a digital marketing professional has access to all the knowledge and tools to implement the powerful local SEO into your business. For example, pictures on your website and pictures published on your Google Business Listing should all be geo-tagged. This way, Google will see the code behind each photo and rank your business higher, locally.


How does Google Get You More Local Clients?


When you enter a search query, the engine should offer the best results. To do this Google uses artificial intelligence and analysis of content to determine how high or low your website should rank! Your business’ position on the results and Google maps page depends on your investment in SEO. There are many factors that compliment local SEO rankings. Such as technical SEO elements like page speed, mobile-friendliness, schema codes, structured data and more!



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Discover the Benefits of Local SEO

Want more local customers? How active is your google business page?

Do you know which keywords your local customers are using to find local services?

Let’s talk about keyword research and data-driven decision making for your digital marketing strategy!

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What are the benefits of local SEO?


Local SEO can be a powerful tool for any business looking to grow its customer base. To learn about its advantages, I’ve put together this list of key points that will convince you to need local search optimization by an expert! Not investing in local SEO essentially means inhibiting your business from growing, online! What good is a local business, if prospective clients can find your business?

#1 Increase Organic Local Leads without Paid Advertising

As mentioned above, the main benefit of local SEO is that it boosts online visibility. Studies show that the top 5 results of Google receive 67%+ user clicks. And, this isn’t paid to advertise! Investing in local SEO and having someone manage your google business listing can result in free organic leads. Not paid advertising!  When you’re searching for something in Google, which link do you choose? Do you scroll all the way to the bottom and choose the very last website? No, of course not! You choose one of the first ones. That’s exactly where you want to rank your business.

#2 Build a Community with Local SEO

To succeed in today’s digital environment, it is important for businesses to focus on the needs and wants of their community. This means you should promote your brand through local SEO because most people do not like seeing sales pitches all over social media or online sites every day which can be distracting from what they were looking at before clicking onto that website page! Instead, optimize your Google business page for success. Yes, you can attract new customers with your Google business listing, especially by showing off your community engagement work. Here, you can share what’s new in your business, add pictures, and even showcase your latest 5-star reviews. Your potential customers will appreciate testimonials. Also, they will value your content that provides value to them! The best thing you can do for your local business is show how much it means to be part of this community. We recommend attending local trade shows, community events and more. It’s important to connect with human beings offline to grow your online presence.

Learn about LOCAL SEO for your business. We create affordable marketing plans for every budget.

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We know that starting your own business can be tough, but thankfully we have the perfect solution. We are skilled at finding local customers for you. Book a free consultation

#3 Increase Website Traffic with Local SEO

Local SEO does wonders for traffic. Simply put: local SEO increases the chances of your website visitors becoming your customers. Up to 70% of local searches lead to an in-person visit or purchase within 5 kilometres of the user. By finding your business in a local google map search, the user is more likely to visit your website and check out your products and/or services. Remember to blog often, and to share blog posts on your Google business listing. This will help draw even more traffic to your website. In blog posts, be sure to do keyword research to find out what your audience is searching for in Google. We recommend sharing advice, product reviews, insider information and anything valuable related to what your target audience is searching for in Google.

#4 Build Customer Trust with Local SEO

Local SEO is a great way to establish your business as an expert in its niche. The trust and authority local SEO creates will make customers believe that Google vetted these search results, which gives them credibility automatically without any work on the part of users who want information about what you offer. Having a first-place ranking for certain keywords portrays a level of superiority in your business. This makes potential clients feel more confident knowing there are no unknowns involved because you’re already a trusted business in your unique space.

#5 Local SEO is Affordable

If you’re planning to use paid ads, you should know that paid advertising can get expensive. Google ads can really impact the revenue of your business. So, a lot of business owners want free organic traffic instead. Who wouldn’t?! The benefit is that by investing in local SEO, you can reduce your ad costs by bringing local clients to your website. Plus, what we’ve seen in the past with other clients, is that it’s organic traffic that is most likely to convert into a paying customer. So, even though Google ads are expensive, they might not even be helping you attract new customers. But, we do know that organic local traffic is affordable and even more worthwhile!

#6 Convenience

Your customers care about supporting local businesses. They want to use the services of a business they know, and it’s more convenient too! Local SEO can help you convince your customer that YOU are their best choice for what they need. So, don’t forget this important step in marketing yourself as an expert provider with valuable insights on products or services available only at YOUR location.

How to get local today?

Now that you know the advantages of local SEO for your business, it’s time to take the first step toward improving your online ranking and image. Local SEO experts will work on optimizing and managing your google business page, Google maps and your onsite website content for local success. My local SEO services can help you attract more customers from your local area. Reach out today, and I will guide you through this amazing process!

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Affordable Local SEO Packages

We are the local SEO company that understands your unique needs. If you want to save time and money on marketing, we have a tailored solution for any budget! Reach out to Kathleen for a free local SEO proposal. 

How do we increase your local search engine presence?

  • Increase your website’s visibility to local customers searching for businesses like yours online
  • Submit your business to the most relevant and authoritative directories, sites, and social media profiles
  • Increase brand awareness and site authority with backlinks from high-quality websites

We work hard to get more leads and customers by ranking your business higher on local search engine results pages!

Can we optimize your website content for local SEO growth?

Sure! We can. Your website might have been created without proper SEO in mind. Even if you already have a site why not let us take care of it and make sure that search engines like Google find your business? If you don’t already have a website, then SEO Web Design is also our specialty.

Here are a few examples of how we set up your website for Local SEO success:

  • We implement and utilize local schema markup (code) to communicate with search engine bots, making it easier for them to rank your website higher in SERPS
  • Amend existing website content to reflect neighbouring communities for improved local SEO.
  • Add images that are embedded with geographical coding and alt tags that reflect your target communities
  • Target your specific geographic audience for improved local SEO.
  • Create website content that is relevant and localized to your community.
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Why Hire a Local SEO Company?

The team at Kathleen Parisien SEO Content Marketing can take care of all your online marketing needs. You don’t need to worry about a thing because we’ve got it covered. From generating warm local leads right through analyzing Search Engine Optimization strategies for you! With our expertise in web design and search engine optimization, there’s no task too big or small when working with us.

5 Star Local SEO Online Marketing Company

Local SEO is the most important factor in marketing your business. It will help you get found, attract new customers and prospects to evaluate whether they want what you have available for sale or not! Let our team make things happen by providing high-quality local advertising services that yield results– fast! Just see our own Google Business Listing for our 5 Star Online Marketing Company reviews!

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