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How to become a spiritual entrepreneur. Discover how to run a soul-led business!

Soul Led Entrepreneurship

Building a business should be an exciting, fulfilling experience. Are you ready to listen to your soul and let building a business be fun and easy? Then, be sure to learn how to become a spiritual entrepreneur.

You Can be a Spiritual Entrepreneur

I’ve got news for you – your authentic, spiritual self, has what it takes to run a business. In fact, if you’re listening to this, then it means your soul is craving creativity, imagination, innovation, joy, freedom and entrepreneurship. 

Become a soul-lead entrepreneur

Becoming a soul-led entrepreneur means bringing your authentic self into your professional space. There is no need to separate your yogi self from your professional self. No, instead it means letting go of your ego, trusting the process, acknowledging that success exists on an energetic level and doing what you’re called to do.

Follow your intuition

I am where I am today because I followed my intuition. It’s ironic because I spent my 20s trying to figure out what I could do career-wise. I felt so lost working 9-5. From a young age, my soul, my spirit was telling me to be an entrepreneur. I just didn’t know-how. I did know what I didnt want. I wish I would have had a mentor back then to tell me all the things I know now. But I do know, that when you’re feeling lost, it’s because something needs to change. And, they say that change doesnt come until things get really bad. Things for me got really bad when I was 6 months pregnant. I hated working in what I was doing, yet I had already started my marketing business. Since I had income coming in, I didnt focus 100% on growing my marketing business. Yet, when I suddenly lost my main source of income, that’s when I had no choice, and to go full-force into developing a digital marketing agency. Looking back now, it’s clear that this is where I was meant to be all along.




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Have faith

A big part of being a spiritual entrepreneur is having faith. A lot of people are too afraid to go into the unknown and start a business or grow their business. It does take courage to follow your dreams, but it also takes faith. Having faith along the journey means that you’re trusting the universe. 

Faith = Growth

In relation to my story, I was missing faith. I was comfortable in what I was doing even though it didn’t fulfill my soul. It filled my bank account. But, when I started having more faith and trusting the unknown, that’s when growth came forth.

What is faith?
“Faith is believing that the universe is on our side and that the universe knows what it’s doing. Faith is a psychological awareness of an unfolding force for good, constantly at work in all dimensions”


Trust the process

So, being a soul-led entrepreneur means trusting every day that you are exactly where you have to be and you know what you have to do.

Trust Yourself

Know that there is no manual, no script to what to do. But, rather you have all the answers within you. Trust your calling, trust yourself. So, if you feel that enrolling in this course will help you, do it. If you feel like hiring this coach is worth it, don’t do it.

Trusting the process for me means that you’re not second-guessing yourself or getting FOMO for the next flashy thing that comes your way. Instead, you stay grounded and stay true to your values and your mission. 

What are your core values?

Why do you feel called to start or grow this business of yours? Core values are the foundation to taking aligned actions. Maybe you’re starting this business to provide a better service than what other companies are currently providing. Maybe you just want more time for freedom. Whatever your why is, it’s important and will keep you going even when things get hard. Remember, there is a bigger purpose for the work we do. A hairstylist isn’t just providing a haircut, she’s providing therapy, self-confidence, self-love and so much more to her clients. What’s interesting about being a soul-led entrepreneur, is sometimes you think you providing x service, but in the end, you’re actually providing a-b-c and d. You don’t really know how you’ll serve others until you’re doing it. And, still, then you may not even notice the impact you have on the people you’re serving.

Be in service

There are a lot of business owners that just care about their appearance, and their income, ripping people off, and not really coming from a place of providing value. Being a business owner that’s focused on being in service really puts their customer’s needs first. And, I dont mean neglecting yourself, No. instead, actually have empathy and compassion for your clients and help them with whatever service you provide. This is where it’s good to check your ego at the door and focus on giving instead of receiving. The more you give, the more you’ll receive anyway. But you cant think about yourself, it’s best to think about others and how you can really help them.

Being a soul-led entrepreneur isn’t about short-term benefits or instant gratification.

Focus on long-term gains. It takes time to get to where you want to be. It also takes time to discover what you wanted originally but not be what you want after all. Focus on unlocking your special sauce by doing, not by thinking short-term. If one client, or two, or three got you down, keep going. Again, it’s not about right now and it’s definitely not a sign to quit, it’s a sign to keep going because you just haven’t discovered your true secret sauce. Every day, do something that grows your business forward. And, remember – you know what that is. No business coach can figure that out for you.

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Think investment not expense

Change your relationship with money. How your relationship is with money, matters. Remember, be good to money and it will be good to you. DOn’t be afraid of spending where you need to. Be sure to invest with your intuition. Not because you think you need it. No – invest your money where you know you’ll need it. For example, on a website, on social media courses, on things that will help you make sales.

Surround yourself with other soul led entrepreneurs

Sometimes it’s hard to find people physically around you who are like-minded. So, sometimes you cant surround yourself but you can still choose what content you absorb. This is on social media, but it’s also in whose podcast you listen to. Basically, who is influencing you on a daily basis? We talk about “influencers” but do we necessarily talk about how they are influencing us? Well, lately I’ve been very selective of what content I consume. I’ve unfollowed a lot of people because I want to be conscious of what I’m exposing myself to.

What makes you authentically you?

Everything starts with you. Get clarify around what you can do and offer clients. Not about sacrificing yourself but empowering yourself to live a purpose-driven life. 


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