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5 Ways to Master Content Writing


Rank on the First Page of Google with Strategic Content Writing

5 Ways to Master Content Writing kathleen parisien

Writing for search engine optimization (SEO) can be an incredibly useful skill to have. Having the ability to write compelling website content could result in the growth of any business. Small to large-sized businesses need website content if they want to rank in search engines, for specific keywords. In 2021, and beyond, content writing will prove to be incredibly beneficial for digital marketing strategies. How can you master your content writing abilities to provide value to your own business or other businesses? Learn my simple 5 ways to master content writing!

Keywords for Web Content

Writing website content is much like writing a university-level essay. Pick a thesis, research it, and defend it through a series of well-organized paragraphs. With writing website content, instead of using a thesis, you must use keywords. While many website content writers just start writing, the key is to first perform thorough keyword research. The reason here is that you want to be using the same keywords on your website that people use when searching in search engines. Get your website noticed by search engine algorithms by featuring those same key phrases on your website. I suggest using Google Ad Words Keyword Planner. If you’re not sure how to do it, I would gladly help you figure out exactly who your ideal customer is, and what they are searching for on Google. Together we can figure out what keeps your ideal client up at night, and serve it to them in a beautiful blog post. It takes a lot to rank your business on the first page of Google, but the first step is proper keyword research.

seo how to master content writing

Storybrand Website Content

Once you’ve compiled a list of strategic keywords you wish to target, it’s important to develop your brand story. That is, how does your offering provide value to your ideal client. It’s important to position your website content in a way that truly speaks to the needs of your customer. You want to eliminate the noise and connect directly to their needs. How can this be accomplished? Website content must be customer-focused. It’s not about your business story, rather it’s all about what the customer needs and being able to articulate simply how you can serve that need. So, instead of having content on your website about your business, focus on serving your ideal client.

Website Content Writing

Website content writing is your websites’ first impression on the world. Make an incredible statement with excellent copywriting. Having a professional writer produce content for your website content is recommended as they can effectively work with keywords and articulate your brand, clearly & simply without excess noise. Often, when entrepreneurs go to write their own content, they struggle. They focus on their passion, instead of serving. That’s because they are so passionate about the product, and have been so involved with the business that they forget about their value propositions.  A professional writer has the capacity to look in from an outsider’s perspective. Meaning, they will embrace how others will react to your website too. While passion is great, it can cloud what really motivates consumers to buy. I will also help you with discovering the importance of Search Engine Optimized (SEO) content.

5 Ways to Master Content Writing kathleen parisien seo consultant

5 Simple Ways to Master Content Writing 

The truth is, the key to mastering content writing is not just simply writing content. But, it’s about following an SEO strategy to ensure your content gets noticed by search engines.

Add pictures.

Always make sure you only use pictures that are free for commercial use. I suggest using Unsplash, Pexels, or Thankfully, not everyone needs to be a professional photographer, to write web content. Instead, use free professional photos from these websites! Winning!

Write short sentences.

Don’t write with run-on sentences. Instead, write shorter sentences that are easier to read.


Use your keywords, always!

Make a structure and stick to it. For my clients, I develop editorial calendars based on keyword search. During my keyword research, I’m looking at what people are searching for in google and selecting only the keywords with low to medium competition. Doing keyword research is so important and should honestly be done before anyone even invests in a business. That’s because if the niche is too competitive, then you’ll spend too much money getting your name out there. It will be too difficult to rank high on google with high competition keywords. Instead, write web content using keywords with less competition for bigger results.

Write for your audience.

While Search Engine Optimized (SEO) web content is always encouraged, it’s always important to remember that you are writing for a human being. First and foremost, don’t throw in keywords everywhere. Instead, write something relevant, and something helpful for others. Provide value, instead of stuffing keywords. In 2020, Google’s algorithms will punish you for keyword stuffing, and promote you with pride for relevant, quality content!

Write responsive posts.

Instead of just writing website content about your business, answer questions in blog posts. For example, if you have a debt collection company. You’d want to answer questions like, “How do I take someone to collections?” or “How do I resolve unpaid debt?”. In your blog posts, you want to create responsive posts. Google likes when web content answers a question that someone is searching for in Google.

5 Ways to Master Content Writing search engine optimization

Website Content Writing Services

It’s probably obvious by now that I provide website content writing services. As a professional writer, author, and sales specialist, I enjoy helping businesses grow. With lots of experience developing websites, I am confident that I can help your business. No matter the niche, I am your copywriter. My SEO copywriting services can be exactly what you need to boost your business to the next level. Take action towards your goals and book a free discovery call with me!