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How to Choose an SEO Web Development Agency?


If you’re looking for a reliable SEO web development agency to help with your business, look no further. Not only are we experts in SEO, but we also know website design! My friends, this is unique! Most website designers are not versed in SEO. The reason I started offering SEO web design services is because a lot of my clients paid way too much money for a site that was not search engine friendly! What’s the point of that?! Instead, over here our team of experts will work tirelessly to produce high-quality results that meet all your requirements. Want a custom-made website that ranks on Google and Bing? We can deliver that in just two weeks!

Learn more about how to choose the perfect SEO web development agency for your business in this informative blog post!

1. What is SEO web development and what can it do for your business?

SEO web development can be the difference between a business that struggles and one that thrives. Web design is not an easy thing to do, but with search engine optimization (SEO) being such an integral part of web development, your site is destined for success. Thanks to thorough keyword research and technical implementation into your site’s codebase, SEO web design should be taken seriously. SEO web development can bring your business to higher levels, when it’s done properly, without any shortcuts!

2. Why hire an SEO web development agency?

Hiring an SEO web development agency is a smart way to make your website rank higher on search engines. With so many websites fighting for attention, you need all the help that can get! Plus, knowing SEO and web development, on top of running your business is tough. Give yourself a break, and work with an SEO web developer to grow your business quicker and more efficiently.

3. How to find the right SEO web developer?

The key to finding the right SEO web designer is to check out their testimonials and their previous work. Before agreeing to work with someone, be sure to speak with them, preferably on Zoom. This will give you an opportunity to see their manners, attitude and characteristics. You should work with someone who makes you feel good and gives you the warm and fuzzies. I’m serious! If your gut tells you anything different, find another website developer.


4. The benefits of hiring a professional web development company

The benefits of hiring a professional web development company are many. Not only will you get high-quality workmanship, but also peace of mind knowing that your site is running smoothly and efficiently with the latest security measures in place. Good web development isn’t about creating a site and walking away, however, there is a great deal of maintenance that is associated with SEO and web design. You want to work with someone who will constantly reduce your website speed score as this will negatively affect your SEO rankings.

5. Things to look out for when choosing an agency or freelancer

Sadly, I’ve seen countless horror stories of business owners hiring large agencies to design their websites. Just recently, it took one real estate agent 12 months to get a working website, and it wasn’t even searching engine optimized! One client of mine came to me to completely re-design her website after 8 months of not seeing adequate results with another website developer. Therefore, when choosing a web designer, consider the following:

  • What is their reputation?
  • Do they know SEO?
  • Can they complete the project on time and meet deadlines without compromising quality?
  • What websites have they made in the past?
  • Are they open to changes?
  • Will they set up proper security firewalls?
  • Do they use WordPress?
  • Will the website be easy to manage?
  • Are there on-going monthly fees?

See how there are a lot of questions when it comes to web design?! You want to ask all the right questions, before paying any web designer!

6. How much does it cost to hire a developer, and how long will it take them to complete my project?

As mentioned, I’ve seen way too many web development agencies charge over $5000 USD for a subpar, non-SEO website. This is nuts! And, it’s even crazier that business owners believe they need to pay these prices in order to have a working, professional website! That is not the case! Contact me for a free consultation on exactly how much an SEO web design will cost. I know that I can deliver a custom-made website in less than 2 weeks! What are you waiting for? Get in touch today! Book a free consultation.